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Psychologist near me in Isfahan

If you are seeking help for any mental health condition, it is important to find a psychologist who is knowledgeable and experienced in treating those issues. In order to find the best psychologist for you, it is important to consider your symptoms and what specific treatment goals you would like to achieve. 

If you are experiencing PTSD, depression, anxiety, or stress, a psychologist can help you identify and overcome the source of your stress. They may also prescribe medication if necessary. If you are dealing with OCD or anger management issues, a psychologist can provide guidance and support in achieving long-term behavioral change. 

Top Psychologist Near Me in Isfahan

  • Dr. Narges Mohammadi is a renowned psychologist who has worked with many people from all walks of life. She is knowledgeable about various psychological disorders, and she can help you find the right treatment for yourself. She is also experienced in treating anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. 
  • Dr. Muhammad Reza Sadighi is another highly qualified psychologist who has worked with clients from all over Iran and abroad. He specializes in working with people dealing with anxiety, depression, traumatic experiences, and other mental health issues. Dr. Sadighi is also experienced in providing couples therapy and family counseling, which makes him well-equipped to help individuals and families cope with problems together. 
  • Dr. Yalda Hakimi is a well-known psychologist who has worked in Iran for over 30 years. She has conducted several groundbreaking studies on mental health and has been instrumental in advancing the field of psychology in Iran.
  • Dr. Sina Payami-Moghaddam is a highly experienced psychologist who has worked with patients from all over Iran and abroad. She has a wealth of knowledge about mental health and can help you address any issues that you may be experiencing. Her office is located in central Isfahan.

Mental Health in Isfahan

Mental health is a sensitive topic in Iran, and the topic of mental health is not often discussed openly. This is especially true in conservative Iranian society, where people are often reluctant to admit that they have a mental illness.

There is a lack of access to mental health services in Iran. This is because there are very few psychiatrists and psychologists working in the country. Additionally, many Iranians do not believe that mental illness exists. This means that people with mental illnesses tend to go untreated.

Due to these factors, mental health problems are often treated with traditional Iranian remedies such as herbal remedies or acupuncture. However, this approach is not always successful and many people end up suffering from long-term mental health issues.

In order to address the prevalence of mental health issues in Iran, it is important for the government to invest in mental health services. Additionally, it is important for Iranians to start talking about their mental health issues and for people with mental illnesses to be open about them.

Common types of therapies in Isfahan

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a type of psychotherapy that helps people change their negative thinking and behavior patterns. CBT is one of the most popular types of therapy in the Isfahan and a branch of cognitive psychology. It is often used to treat anxiety, depression, and other mental health disorders.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

DBT is a type of CBT that focuses on helping people who experience extreme emotional reactions and behaviors. It has been shown to be effective in treating a number of mental health disorders in Isfahan, including borderline personality disorder, depression, and PTSD. DBT is a brach that deals with behavioral psychology.

Existential Therapy

Existential therapy has been gaining popularity in the Isfahan in recent years. This type of therapy focuses on the human condition and helps people to find meaning in their lives. Existential therapists believe that everyone has the ability to create their own meaning in life.

Other therapy approaches include:

ACT Therapy in Isfahan, Art Therapy in Isfahan, Behavioral Therapy in Isfahan, Contemplative Therapy in Isfahan, Play Therapy in Isfahan, EMDR Therapy in Isfahan, Emotionally Focused Therapy in Isfahan, Existential Therapy in Isfahan, Experiential Therapy in Isfahan, Gestalt Therapy in Isfahan, Hypnotherapy Therapy in Isfahan, Music Therapy Therapy in Isfahan, Narrative Therapy in Isfahan, Psychodynamic Therapy in Isfahan, Psychoanalytic Therapy in Isfahan, and Somatic Therapy in Isfahan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A therapist or psychologist is a professional who helps people with mental and emotional health issues. They may work with individuals, families, or groups. Therapists use a variety of techniques to help their clients, including talk therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and medication. If you wish to connect with a Psychologist near me in Isfahan, you can book a trial session with us.

Therapy in Isfahan usually costs between 100 to 200 Rials per hour. This price is for basic sessions, which can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. If you require more specialized therapy, the price will increase significantly. Many therapists offer half-hour or one-hour packages, and these prices can range from 350 to 700 Rials.

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